Contribute stories

I am interested in stories about your experiences being part of a community based either on identity or choice, and what that community/identity means to you. Any contributions to this archive are appreciated! Answer any of the below prompts, OR just tell me a story that comes from those experiences.


  • Tell me about a time where you felt alienated from culture or society at large because of your community/identity. What caused it? how did it feel?

  • Tell me about experience of meeting any particular life checkpoints notable in this identity/community.

  • Tell me about a time when you saw a character in which you recognized some part of your experiences represented in a piece of narrative media (such as book, video game, movie, tv show, etc).


How will this be used?

Stories will be compiled into an archive of personal experiences. This archive will be used in two ways:
First, for research generally, including to inform decisions I make in terms of design of artworks and how I make artworks available to what audiences.

Second, directly in artworks, particularly in short videos or interactive videos, where clips of the stories are displayed directly or described to a viewer as part of the artwork.

Can I be anonymous?

Absolutely. You don’t have to provide your name unless you want to. By default, I do not identify you even if you do use your name; if you would like me to do otherwise, feel free to specify that.

If you would like to contribute a story but would not like me to use it verbatim/directly (and instead use it to inform story decisions etc), you can specify that as well.

Stories I’m interested in

I am interested in nonfiction stories/personal accounts that are bittersweet, that you are ambivalent about, that you cherish or that you remember strongly, that have strong emotional resonance, or that have a wide range of emotions/tone across the arc of the story.

I am especially interested in the stories of queer people and experiences, particularly in stories about being nonbinary/gender nonconforming/transgender; and/or experiences of internet communities — though, as mentioned, any contributions are valuable and may be used in artworks.

Contribute Via Audio

Audio contributions can be made through the following google voice mailbox. The mailbox will cut you off (rudely) at 3 minutes— I apologize— if your story is longer, please feel free to call back as many times as are necessary.

(206) 923-8743


OR Contribute via Text

Alternatively, you can contribute written text.